VIA was founded to support emerging Quick Reaction Support (QRS) and Advanced Training Requirements for US Military, Law Enforcement, Intelligence Communities and our International Partners and Allies.

For over 12 years, VIA and its staff have provided high quality training, program management and engineering support to our clients and business partners.  

The VIA staff and instructors have expertise across a wide range of Special Operations, Law Enforcement, and Intelligence commodity areas and over 50 years’ experience conducting field operations globally.

VIA is proud to offer a wide range of program management services, consulting and training products to our customers featuring Technical Response Operations (TRO), Technical Surveillance Operations (TSO), Disguise Techniques, Tactical Shooting, Medical Training (MARCH), Evasive Driving, High Threat Environment Training, Leadership Training, Advanced Skills and Rapid Engineering Support.

Mission Statement:  Provide quality mission focused support and training to US Military, Law Enforcement, and Intelligent Communities and our Allies Abroad.






Building 1
2100 Angelia M Street Fayetteville NC 28312

Building 2
2090 Angelia M Street Fayetteville NC 28312