About Us

Company History

VIA Tactical was founded to support emerging Quick Reaction Support and Advanced Training requirements for US Military, Law Enforcement, Intelligence Communities, and our International Partners and Allies.

For over 12 years, VIA and its staff have provided high quality training, program management, and engineering support to our clients and business partners.

VIA Tactical has expertise across a wide range of Special Operations, Law Enforcement, and Intelligence commodity areas and over 50 years’ experience conducting training and operations globally.

Mission Statement:  Provide quality mission focused support and training to US Military, Law Enforcement, Intelligence Communities, and our Allies Abroad.

Technical Approach

 VIA offers a broad spectrum of training and capacity development services to government, military, law enforcement, and commercial customers across the globe. Our full-time instructors, training staff, and consultants are skilled professionals with extensive backgrounds in security management and protective security techniques, diplomacy, governance, international law, and capacity building in post-conflict and complex environments. They have decades of experience serving with elite military and law enforcement specialist units to deliver hands-on, performance-oriented, individual and collective training for any development or security requirement.


From capacity building and leadership development to counter-terrorism and force protection training, we create innovative technology-driven instructional design systems and curriculums based on the latest theories and trends in each client’s area of need.  We work closely with our clients to asses critical training and staffing shortfalls and supplement existing resources with both personnel and training to reach operational viability as soon as possible.  Our primary objective is IOC (Initial Operation Capable) as fast as possible.

Company Functional Areas

  • Security Consulting

  • Program Management

  • Facility Management

  • Custom Training Implementation

Company Expertise

  • Security

  • Weapons

  • Tactics

  • Driving

  • Medical (MARCH)

  • Leadership

  • Planning

  • Reconnaissance

  • Physical Surveillance

  • Technical Surveillance

  • Technical Response

  • Vehicular HIDES and TRAPS

  • Structural HIDES and TRAPS

  • Disguise Operation

  • Concealment and Deception

  • Quick Reaction Capability (QRC)

Sample of Projects/Work

  • Provided overall program management for several global training paths

  • More than 1000 students trained this year world wide

  • Over 30 highly qualified instructors and managers working globally

  • Researched, developed, equipped, and staffed several unique and separate Technical Response Programs

  • Continually researching and developing new use-case scenarios and technologies for technical surveillance problem sets and injecting these new techniques back into the force in the form of custom training course.

  • Developed new quick-change disguise techniques and course designed to directly support surveillance operations using holistic easy to learn techniques and methods

  • Created, equipped, and staffed complete start to finish leadership development paths for senator NCOs and Officers

  • Developed, staffed, and managed basic service entry training programs

  • Developed and staffed numerous pre-deployment courses, incorporation shooting, driving, and medical

  • Developed and Implemented Student Path Programing for established client training programs to insure training quality control

  • Over the past five years VIA has executed over twenty separate and unique client contracts, all with exceptional past perforce reviews



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