Vehicle Courses

Vehicle Exploitation & Surveillance Platforms Module 1

Vehicle Exploitation Course focusing on modifying and using commercial vehicles as surveillance platforms. Students learn to disassemble vehicles down to the chassis for the purpose of exploiting available space and power.

Course Topics include: automotive exploitation, automotive tools, safety equipment, specialty tools, unique automotive fasteners, and covert vehicular audio and video installation.


Vehicle Exploitation & Surveillance Platforms Module 2

Course focusing on Close Target Reconnaissance (CTR) utilizing covert audio and video. Students conduct close target technical reconnaissance on foot, and using vehicular platforms.

The course emphasizes tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) for effective CTR, and operational documentation. All course attendees will construct custom concealments, covert switches, unique power systems, and embed covert equipment in vehicles and textiles.


Vehicle Exploitation & Surveillance Platforms Module 3

Course focusing on deep vehicular implants .

Student tasks include: MIG welding, automotive body repair techniques, RF transparent window in body panels, covert switches, introduction to TRAP construction, and radio remote control.


TRAPS and Hidden Compartments Module 1

Course focusing on TRAPs and hidden compartments to facilitate the covert concealment of technical surveillance equipment. Student are required to create hidden compartments in vehicles, structures and enclosures using unique hidden mechanisms.

Student tasks include: metal fabrication, wood working, magnetics, electronics, solenoids, problem solving, covert switches, parasitic power, and inductive charging.


CANBUS & Vehicle Network Module 1

CANBUS & Vehicle Networks Module 1 introduces the student to physical and electrical characters of modern vehicle communications networks & protocols. Students will learn the functions and physical locations of the various CANBUS controllers & nodes and how to communicate with them.

Tasks will include: performing vehicle diagnostic scans, resetting induced trouble codes, determining sensor ID numbers using provided hardware, and software scan tools.



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